A proverb “He that apes others will never be himself” (Kawa Chala Hans Ki Chaal Apni Chaal Bhi Bhol Gya) rightly portrays the current weeding culture in Pakistan. The eastern institution of marriage is always been a sacred and private entity, but nowadays, we are at the height in the rituals by adding ramp walk in the weddings.

An extravagant wedding ethos has flourished in the society. Public overburden themselves financially by making own made farcical rituals. We have nearly forgotten the eastern weeding’s archetype and jumped into something which is not a part of any other culture also.

On the wedding day, Bride and groom perform like models, and they entertain the guests by their intimate ramp walk. Weddings are more like a fashion parade, the movie makers and photographers direct and sometimes enact the situation for capturing the powerful performance.

In the race of engraving a big impression, people have made the marriages more difficult. Our vessel of eastern values are sinking gradually, we are dropping our oriental identity. These things show a deformed face of our culture so we should not copy others, and must follow our own cultural norms.


Karachi, February 19.