A common mind can accept that the overall vegetables and fruits are not emerging from the sky or the ocean, but are rather being produced by farmers. These farmers often get a good price when the seller is intending to sell these into another country. Likewise, it may be observed that these days, the cheapest vegetable in the market is the potato, which is being sold at Rs. 4 per KG by farmers, while the price for customers is Rs. 25-30 per KG. Due to the low price of potato, farmers gathered in front of the Punjab Assembly after successful talks with the government.

Hence, Agriculture Minister Malik Nauman Langrial assured the farmers that the provincial government will make all efforts to increase the price of the potato. On the other hand, there are reports that Punjab intends to export potatoes to China once it has been confirmed by both countries.

Every developed country is obligated to protect its farmers whenever they face any difficulty, whether it is to do with water, electricity, soil, poison for crops, price of goods etc. All problems need to be dealt by the state. Pakistan is well famous for its rice and cotton, but today the growers of Pakistan are in trouble. The government needs to care after their grievances soon.


Turbat, February 5.