In all governmental institutions, course books from the 1st to the 10th grade are in Urdu. In 11th grade, they directly change into English. Due to this sudden transition, governmental institutions’ students suffer and are not able to read and understand their course books. Even though some students know about the topics verbally, they cannot write the statements in English and thus face failures in exams. Because of this, the majority of students lose interest in studying. Apart from this, some students work really hard to pass F.Sc. level and achieve great marks, but few are able to acquire mean marks, and majority achieve even fewer marks. These low-scoring students cannot get their desired jobs, as opposed to those with higher score percentages. So due the system of governmental institutions, students face disappointment and unable to trust their own hard work. Thus, I openly request higher authorities that course books should basically be taught in English, and tests in lower grades should not be based upon percentage.


Turbat, February 5.