As Wing Commander Abhinandan is set to cross Wagah into India, temperatures seem to be cooling across the subcontinent. Tensions remain high, and the militaries of both nations still stand on high alert, but the trajectory of the escalation reached its zenith as the Indian pilot was captured, and has been falling ever since Prime Minister Imran Khan announced his release as a gesture of peace.

Further proof can be found in the press conference by the representatives of the three services of the Indian military. They spoke of preparedness to counter any future eventuality, and being ready to respond to any Pakistani provocation. As was noted by all, there was no talk of “retaliation” or “revenge” anymore. With the ball in India’s court after Pakistan’s airstrike into Indian Occupied Kashmir and an Indian pilot in enemy custody; the military chose not to strike back.

While this is great news for the region and a testament to the fact that sane minds have influence in high places across the border too, not everyone was satisfied with the outcomes. The rabid cohort of Indian media channels – most of whom simply act as amplifiers of Bharatiya Janta Party’s (BJP) talking points – still found it difficult to come down from their warhorses.

There were fantastic displays of verbal gymnastics and willful practices of delusion inside these studios as they contrived to spin these events as a “Pakistani surrender” and a “great victory for India”. A motley crew of ex-servicemen and retired Indian commanders invited on these shows provided the background noise, asking for more strikes, greater attacks, complete annihilation of Pakistan. Always present would be BJP politicians, pushing their leader’s divisive ideology and seeking to milk votes out of every opportunity they could find.

This is the same media who did not bother to ask their government on how it can claim to have killed “over 300” terrorists in the Balakot strike but rather chose to glorify it; while almost all international, independent sources are unanimous in concluding that the strikes achieved absolutely nothing. This is the same media that did their utmost to convince the Indian people that the wreckage of a MIG-21 was actually a Pakistani F-16, despite being disputed point blank by experts. This is the same media that continues to rain expletive laden rants gloryfing the conflict as a glorious march.

Modi wants war, BJP wants war, these BJP affiliated media channels want war – the common man does not. The common man prays for the safe return of Abhinandan, and thanks Pakistan for it.