KARACHI          -               Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Central Vice President Haleem Adil Sheikh here Sunday visited Ibrahim Haideri locality of the megacity and handed over a house and household items to the children of a man Mir Hassan, who had committed suicide due to poverty.

Talking to media, Haleem Adil said on the instructions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Sindh governor Imran Ismail had announced to give a house to the children of the deceased. He said Prime Minister was very sad on the suicide of this poor person. He said the house worth Rs1.3mn is purchased personally and not a single rupee of any government fund is used for this purpose. He said the documents of the house have been handed over to the children of Mir Hassan.

Haleem Adil said Quaid e Azam had envisioned a welfare state and Prime Minister Imran Khan wants to materialize this dream. He said Kifalat Program has already been launched which is aimed at welfare of poor people. He said the program of 5million houses is also for the poor people. He said these houses would be given to the people on easy installments of Rs5000 to Rs10000. He said Pakistan is now progressing in a right direction. Haleem Adil said no one could bring back deceased Mir Hassan, but at least his family is now taken care of. He said we want to end poverty from Pakistan and make this country a welfare state.

He said this is the third term of PPP government in Sindh, but the province is still without basic facilities. He said the people who were against the creation of Pakistan in 1947 should now see the conditions of the Muslims living in India. He said Indian government of Modi has become a terrorist and is busy in genocide of the Muslims.

He said the international community should raise voice against violation of human rights in India. He said minority communities are fully safe and secure in Pakistan. They would protest in Sindh along with the PTI against atrocities in India with minorities.

He said it is responsibility of whole nation to fight the calamity of corona virus. He said the federal government is working with the Sindh government in this regard. He said there is a lot of fear about this virus, adding we should take adequate precautionary measures. He said Sindh government should take needed steps and federal government would fully assist it.

He said PTI government is bringing big projects for the poor. He said had we not handled the situation due to loans of last 10 years, today the country would have been in worse economic conditions. He said we have launched Ahsas Program and are giving loans to youth. He said national economy was harmed due to corruption during previous governments.

He said the Sindh government wanted to transfer the IGP in illegal manner and we took the notice. Now when things were done in a legal way, the IGP was transferred.

He said had we not transferred the IGP, the Sindh government would have blamed the IGP for lawlessness in Sindh. He said we have no objection on Mushtaq Mahar, adding every officer should work as per law. He said those who were claiming that they would not talk to the governor, finally consulted with the Sindh governor. He said IGP was transferred after completion of a process.

He said we want a non-political police force, which works as per law and given citizens protection of life and property. He said the Sindh government should allow the IGP and other officers to work as per law. He said if any illegality in transfers of police officers is made we will see it. He said in Sindh the government hospitals are in bad shape and poor people are not getting medicines.

However, the mother of deceased Mir Hassan said she is thankful to Prime Minister Imran Khan. She said her son was disturbed due to abject poverty and he committed suicide.



Sea invading 50,000 acres of land in Pakistan’s 1,550 km long coastal belt every year





KARACHI (NNI): The sea is invading about 50,000 acres of land in Pakistan’s 1,550 km long coastal belt every year.

The climate change in the region is resulting in increased temperature ,thus increasing the sea level by one millimeter annually. Perhaps this is why Pakistan has been included in the list of the ten countries most at risk of climate change.

Marine forests have a positive impact on climate change, said experts of Chest diseases from across Pakistan on Turtle Beach, Karachi.

Speaking to the participants after the plantation at the WF’s Waterfront (Wetland).In those experts Dr. Nisar Ahmad Rao, President of the Chest Society of Pakistan and Head of the Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases, Dr. Nousheen Saif General Secretary (PCS), Dr. Mirza Saifullah Beg Treasurer, Dr. Naghman Bashir and Brigadier Jamal. 

Ahmed (Islamabad) Dr. Abdul Jabbar Achakzai Dr. Maqbool (Quetta Balochistan) Dr. Malik Hafizur Rehman (Jhelum) Professor Khalid Waheed (Lahore) Professor Saadia Ashraf (Peshawar) Professor Ali Zubairi (Agha Khan University) Dr. Nadeem Ahmed Zafar Dr. Shahina Qayum Dr. Syed Zafaryab Hussain Dr. Shakeel Siddiqui and others were also present.


These experts said that more than seven million people in the world die prematurely due to air pollution. By making the environment clean we can save most of the victims of death,that’s why chest Con 2020 Is being launched with planting to fulfill the moral and social responsibility of improving the environment.


He said urban industrial, marine and gross air pollution needs to be overcome to reduce the underlying causes of chest diseases. He further said that due to lack of awareness along with industrial and traffic pollution, Environmental pollution is increasing day by day.


Every year, lives are at risk due to smog. Pofessor Nisar Ahmed Rao said that there is an International Conference of Pakistan chest society after every two years, which is going to be held in the last week of March this year called Chest Con 2020. We launch this conference (Swift Launching) with the slogan of ‘healthy lungs healthy life’ along with plantation campaign.


It will be attended by chest physicians and surgeons with fourteen workshops and fifteen Foreign experts will address the conference’s Scientific Sessions, he said that the workshops will be held on March 26 and Scientific sessions will be held for three days on 27 28 and 29 March, and lectures from experts for chest diseases doctors across Pakistan and whole world through which they will be able to benefit from the latest research on chest diseases worldwide. Previously, the participants planted mangroves separately.