The government is indeed under obligation to provide all necessary services to its citizens. However, this does not mean that the citizens have no duties in this regard. Given the multitude of problems the current government is facing, the public also needs to come forward to play its role. In some areas, it is the collective duty of both the state and the society to overcome a crisis.

And one such area is the national health. Among the most significant issues that the government is struggling with concerning national health are viral diseases. The first one is the persistent poliovirus. The second one is the new coronavirus that has recently hit Pakistan. It is quite clear that the government is trying its best not to let these viruses affect people.

However, the lack of cooperation on the part of the people in such situations is what makes things nasty. For instance, the number of polio cases for this year has risen to twenty despite the government’s determination to defeat the disease; the role of the people is lamentable. As a result, Pakistan, along with Afghanistan, is the only country where the virus finds its victims.

Sadly, many people, even today, believe in the false propaganda against the vaccination process. It’s the lack of cooperation on the part of the people that the state despite utilising all the available resources is failing to make Pakistan polio-free.

Unfortunately, a similar attitude of the public is evident in the case of coronavirus. The government has already made preparations to deal with the virus. However, the public is not playing their part to deal with the virus. The least the people can do is to follow the government issued guidelines against the virus in the strictest manner possible. Only if the people take up their responsibility seriously, the country can get rid of the two viruses.