LAHORE - The Provincial Legislative House seemed to have become a safe haven for the well-connected as they get illegal postings, which are followed by even undue promotions given in gross violation of rules when the concerned boss is benevolent enough to shower undue blessings upon his favourites. If Muhammad Khan Bhatti is still considered to be one of the prime examples among the clerks who saw only rise virtually, then former Speaker Punjab Assembly Afzal Sahi had his favourites too. Another one is Safdar Pervaiz Dhilloon, who is presently working as Deputy Secretary PA in BS-18, who can be another Bhatti in the making. Perhaps Sahi followed the footsteps of his mentor Ch Pervaiz Elahi, who patronised Bhatti, a grade-7 clerk in the Agriculture Department whom the then PA Speaker Pervaiz Elahi inducted into the Assembly Secretariat in grade-11 in 1997. Later, when the Chaudhry, became CM in 2002, Bhatti attained Grade-20 position in less than a decade, and was posted as Special Secretary in the CM Secretariat - a post specially created to accommodate him. This was a rare phenomenal rise seen by any civil servant. Later, yet Bhatti was promoted to Grade-21, and posted as the Secretary PA, but he preferred taking leave and serving the Chaudhry instead of working at PA Secretariat. According to details divulged by a source at the Assembly Secretariat, Dhilloon was with the Livestock and Dairy Development Department as Planning and Progressive Officer in BS-16. He was posted on deputation basis as Assistant Secretary in BS-17 for a period of three years with the PA on May 12, 2004. Just after three months of deputation, on August 25, 2004, Dhilloon was inducted into Assembly Service from the date he had joined the PA. This is against the rule, which says that for a deputationist, it is a must that he must have at least one Annual Confidential Report, that is, a year's service in the department. On Oct 21, 2005, he was promoted as Deputy Secretary in BS-18 despite the fact that he was on number three on the seniority list. Secondly, Dhilloon did not have a pre-requisite experience of five years of working as Assistant Secretary. On Nov 15, 2007 - just three days prior to the PA dissolution - Dhilloon was promoted to BS-19 as the Additional Secretary. Dhilloon is said to be resident of Sahi's constituency, that is, Chak Jhumra, from where the latter lost the election. Another Deputy Secretary is Hafiz M Shafique, who has been promoted to BS-18 despite charges of corruption against him, and inquiry reports are yet to be submitted. On March 12, 2001, the Departmental Promotion Committee-II decided that he could not be promoted to BS-17 till the authority had taken decision regarding the charges of corruption against him. He was accused of embezzling money of the adjoining Darbar situated in the premises of the PA. Secondly, as an office-bearer of the PA union, he was accused of embezzling grants besides misconduct with the PA authorities. However, on August 25, 2004, even when the decision regarding Hafiz's indulgences was not made, he was given BS-17 with effect from March 7, 2001. Again on November 15, 2007, again following Dhilloon's promotion formula - violating seniority as he was at number five, with only 3-year experience and just three days prior to the expiry of the Assembly term - Hafiz was promoted to BS-18, and was posted as Incharge Admn and Accounts Branches besides Drawing and Disbursement Officer.