LAHORE-Though PML (N) leadership has assured once again that judges will be reinstated according to Murree Declaration, confusion still persists and nobody knows for sure how that will happen. However, it is heartening that both sides departed on a happy note, promising that they will stay together both in Centre and provinces. The whole nation had been waiting in the wings as to what will come out of these talks in Dubai, good or bad, though there was no shortage of people suggesting doomsday scenario. Nawaz Sharif after three rounds of talks with his counterpart emerged satisfied on Thursday, saying that judges will be restored in the spirit of Murree Declaration. He said that they would be restored through a resolution. The PPP team was less forthcoming. Asif even left slightly before the other participants, suggesting as if all is not well. But Farooq H Naik and Rehman Malik were beaming with smiles. Probably, their smiles tell the whole story. As if the deal or agreement reached between the two sides was mainly based on terms dictated by Asif Zardari. The sources disclosed that agreement that has been reached was made possible when both sides conceded ground and came down from their hard positions. The PPP must have accepted the PML (N) demand to move a resolution in Parliament, seeking restoration of judges. But the political and legal circles believe that resolution as per new agreement and give and take that involved in the process will not be followed by an executive order. Such an order is required to allow the deposed judges to assume their respective offices again. The resolution that will be moved in the Parliament without the backing of an executive order will be only an eyewash, depicting more a letter of intent, asking the govt to do the needful to restore the judges. That means the judges reinstatement will come about through a Constitutional package that contains reforms for the superior judiciary and according to some insiders seek to limit the powers of Chief Justice. As such the reinstatement of judges is being linked to the Constitutional package. It is what the PPP looking for all along as far as judges issue is concerned. It is learnt that both sides have been able to overcome the contentious issues including the retirement age of the Chief Justice. The Constitutional package provides for new age limit for the retirement of Chief Justice besides depriving him of his power to take suo moto action and constitute benches independently. It is also learnt that the PML (N) has also conceded the PPP demand to accommodate the judges who had taken oath under PCO recently. It is also not clear whether the agreement reached between the two sides will be acceptable to lawyers or not. But it seems that onus to convince the lawyers agitating for the restoration of judges will be now on Nawaz Sharif. Again, the finalisation of Constitutional package will be fraught with uncertainties and not bound by any deadline or time limits. Every day a new situation may crop up before all sides agree to this document restoring judges. It could take even a lot of time. It is not clear how Ch. Nisar said that the process of reinstatement of judges would be completed by May 15. In the emerging scenario, the PPP will not be required to give any roadmap to PML (N), as earlier demanded by them, in which the judges will restored. The Constitutional package will also require two-thirds majority to pilot it through the Parliament. For that to see the light of the day greater reconciliation efforts will be needed. The political circles contend that both sides tried to come up with a face- saving formula whereby they could not only diffuse the current crisis but also save the coalition govts in Centre and provinces from parting ways.