ISLAMABAD - The frequent increase in POL prices irks the inhabitants of the Capital where the people are already suffering from huge prices of the basic necessities of daily life. The newly formed government announced an increase in the prices of diesel and petrol by Rs 3 per litre. This was the second increase in petroleum prices by the new government within a month.      A few days earlier, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar had announced raise in petrol and diesel prices, saying, "We are already giving 21 per cent subsidy to the consumers but now we cannot afford it any more so we are compelled to take that strict but essential step". "Huge claims of economic uplift by previous government were misleading and based on deceptions," he had further said.    People of the Capital raised many concerns over the situation where prices were seeing an upward trend and the people were getting no compensation on the daily food commodities. "This increase in petroleum prices is good as government would get more revenue but not for the common people because they did not announce any increase in the salaries of employees", Muhammad Ali, an employee at a government department, said. Zaka-ul-Islam was of the view, "I am a student and daily come from Rawalpindi. I would pay about Rs 40 for both ways. It is a titanic struggle to get public transport, especially in the mornings."     Talking to TheNation, Abdul Hakeem, a taxi driver, said, "I run my taxi on petrol and the day by day increase in the prices nag me and all of those whose bread and butter is related to my profession. What can we do? The accounts between us (taxi drivers) are settled on daily basis". "We people cannot fulfil our daily expenditures and when we solicit passengers to pay extra, they quarrel with us," he added. Amina Khatoon, a housewife, while talking to this scribe said the surge in petroleum price had cast a bad impact on the daily life. "Everyday, the prices of different vegetables, fruits and different essentials of life rise. We have a limited budget and the increase in prices every fortnight disturbs our budget", she annoyingly added.