KARACHI - Prominent Sindhi intellectuals have suggested that ministers in the Sindh government should hold open kutcheries at district level to resolve problem faced by the masses in rural areas following the footsteps of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Talking to The Nation on Thursday, Assistant Prof Amar Sindhu of department of philosophy at Sindh University said that it was positive development that PPP had started holding open katcheries to resolve people's people at Bilawal House, suggesting that provincial ministers should also hold such meetings at each district of the Sindh. "During the past 8 years, the PMLQ regime had neglected people in rural areas and, compared to urban areas and big cities in Sindh, they were deprived of fundamental rights" she said. Amar said that poor people including peasants and labourers in the Sindh could not afford to go to big cities like Karachi and Hyderabad to present their problems to the ministers. She cited the example of former PM Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who used to visit rural areas in Punjab and Sindh for six months every year in order to listen problem of the people and take steps to resolve them on the spot. She added that it was big achievement of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto that he went door to door in neglected areas and set up an example for future rulers. Amar said that due to ill-conceived policies of the previous regime in Sindh, poverty has doubled in rural areas as compared to cities and law order situation has totally collapsed leaving people at the mercy of dacoits. She added it was a good omen that PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari had directed the party ministers to hold open meetings but it should be extended to the villages and PM and CM Sindh should personally visit all the districts to create a sense among masses about their participation in the government. Speaking on the occasion Jami Chandio said that it was a good trend that PPP government initiated this move but it should be extended to rural areas in the province and ministers should hold public meetings in villages at district level and take effective measures to resolve people's problems. He suggested that a monitoring cell should be set up at the CM House to monitor problems in different districts of Sindh reported in the media and necessary steps should be taken for their rectification. Chandio further said that due to anti-people policies of the past regime, masses are facing numerous problems and ministers' open meetings would provide opportunity to resolve issues on the spot. Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah said that PPP government should run advertisements in the media regarding open meetings to be held at grass root levels and in each districts of the Sindh. He added the Chief Minister and the cabinet ministers should also direct DCOs, DPOs and other concerned officials to hold open meetings at village levels.