KABUL (Agencies) - Afghanistan's intelligence chief says the plot to kill President Hamid Karzai was hatched in Pakistan's lawless tribal areas. Amrullah Saleh said there was no evidence that Pakistan's government or its intelligence agencies were involved in the Sunday assassination attempt. Saleh made the comments hours after seven people were killed in a raid on a militant hideout in Kabul. Afghan security forces raided a Taliban den in Kabul Wednesday, sparking a battle that left seven people dead, including two rebels involved in an attack on President Hamid Karzai, a woman and a child. Three govt agents were also among the dead after fierce clashes raged for around 10 hours at a house in the west of the capital which contained a "very sophisticated terrorist cell", the country's intelligence chief said. The Taliban confirmed the deaths of the two insurgents and the woman and the child, adding that the rebels took part in an attack on a military parade at the weekend which was attended by Karzai and foreign diplomats. Spy chief Amrullah Saleh told reporters that two "terrorists were killed in an operation on a very sophisticated terrorist cell in Kabul. Unfortunately three heroes (agents) were also martyred." Saleh said a woman "who was not an Afghan and had come to carry out a suicide attack" and a child were also killed in the raid in a poor neighbourhood in the west of the city. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told AFP that two rebels named Attah Mohammad and Mirwais were killed in the operation, along with Mohammad's wife and baby daughter. "They had planned and executed Sunday's attack on the military parade and had managed to escape after the attack while three of their friends were killed that day," Mujahid said by telephone. The Taliban spokesman said another rebel had escaped Wednesday's government raid on a house in the Guzargah suburb in the Afghan capital. "They had rented the house and were making plans and executing plans from there. Attah Mohammad, Mirwais, Bibi Aeesha and her daughter were all killed after a 10-hour resistance," he said. An AFP photographer saw intelligence agents drive three men away in handcuffs as the gunfire and explosions continued earlier in the day. The fighting died off around lunchtime.