ISLAMABAD - The Labour Day was also marked here on Thursday like all over the world but the Pakistani labourers are still not aware as on the day labourers were seen on streets in search of work with the distressing thoughts of filling the empty basket of the foods at their homes. Different seminars and walks were held in the Capital but no body paid attention to those labourers even on their own day. The labour fraternity plays pivotal role in the development of the country but gets very low wage rate. Although the government has announced the minimum wage of Rs 6,000 but most of the labourers work on daily wages and hardly get work for consecutive 10 days. Ever-increasing child labour also wants some attention as the young rather minor children are working in different hotels and workshops in the Capital. In most of the villages and towns the labourers are working without any agreement or contract with the firms that is why they cannot get the announced government wage rate and pensions, the owners of the firms get the benefit of the poor and innocent people. A survey conduced by TheNation here on Thursday in different areas of the twin cities revealed that most of the labourers had no idea or they could not afford to have off day in the peak time of inflation. A 35 years old Manzoor at Peshawar Mor told this scribe that for last six days he had found no work and every day he waited for long hours. "I am forced to borrow from different people as the government announced minimum wage policy now they should introduce different employment schemes for the uneducated people", he added.  He further said that Labour Day had only become a holiday for the public. "The government and NGOs organise different conferences only for the attraction of media and in real sense have no sympathy with labour at all", he observed. Most of the labourers in the Capital have migrated in search of work from the different parts of the country and majority of them belonged to the NWFP and tribal areas. Another labourer Faisal (29) said that he had come from Mardan and he had no idea about the Labour Day. "I only want to earn money because I have so many expenditures here in Islamabad and also send some amount to my village", he said. He further said the government as well as the people should give the basic rights to the labourers and they should be treated humanly.    A 14 years old Ali, who was working at a hotel in Aabpara, while talking to TheNation, said he had no off day in a week and even on the Labour Day he had to come to the hotel because if he had absent from the hotel his salary had deducted. "I want to go to school but the financial position of my family did not allow me to go to school and force me to work at Rs 70 per day", he stated.