ISLAMABAD (APP) - Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) should facilitate the business community for easy handling of cargo. This was stated by the President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), Muhammad Ijaz Abbasi while talking to a delegation of PIA led by Masood Ahmed Khawaja. President ICCI said that the business community faces a number of problems while sending export goods to countries around the world, he said that PIA should make changes in the current cargo system, so as to facilitate the business community. Ijaz Abbasi, suggested that PIA should fix quota for chamber for reservation of seats. he said at times, it becomes very difficult to get a seat in PIA as a result important meetings have to be delayed, which becomes a great loss. He said PIA should also consider subsidized rates for frequent travelers, which will encourage people to travel by PIA. He suggested that PIA should ensure timely delivery of perishable goods, because delay in the delivery may lose freshness of fruits and vegetables. Masood Ahmed Khawaja said PIA is commercial entity and have the capacity to handle cargo in bulk he said that efforts are being made to further improve the cargo system to provide maximum facilitation to its customers. He said that business community should identify their problems which they come across while sending or receiving cargo. he suggested that business community should send them recommendations and suggestions highlighting their problems so that PIA could further improve the cargo handling. Masood said that PIA is paying more attention for swift handling of perishable items and this year 20% more uplifting of mangos has already been arranged. At the end of the meeting, it was concluded that PIA and Chamber should hold another meeting inviting representatives from both PIA and business community, so that problems could be discussed in detail. The meeting was also attended by Munawar Iqbal, SVP; Abdul Ghaffar Ch. VP;  Amir Jaleel Qureshi, Sales Promoter and Abdullah H. Khan, Senior Product Officer.