ISLAMABAD - Legal aides of President Pervez Musharraf are giving final touches to a bill to indemnify November-3 actions by taking all political players in the parliament on board, well-placed sources told TheNation on Thursday. Sources maintained that Syed Sharifuddin Pirzada and others were busy giving final touches to the draft expected to be put before the National Assembly during the current month. Apart from political parties in the parliament, some foreign powers including the USA, UK and Saudi Arabia are also said to have been taken into confidence to promote national reconciliation plan to help stabilize the parliamentary democracy in the country. Sources said that PML (N), which was initially reluctant to give clean chit to President Musharraf, has also agreed to support the proposed bill with the condition that the deposed judges be reinstated first. According to sources, the bill has been drafted in consultation with Law and Justice Minister and Attorney General Malik Abdul Qayyum. Sources also claimed that the bill would be part of the comprehensive constitutional package that PPP Co-Chairperson Asif Ali Zardari had discussed with PML(N) Leadership in Dubai. Sources said that apart from PPP and PML (N), other parliamentary parties including PML (Q), MQM, ANP, JUI (F) and PML (F) have already been taken on board on the proposed bill. In return, according to the sources President has agreed to the PPP plan to do away with Article 58 (2) B that empowers President to dissolve the National Assembly.