HASSANABDAL (Online) - Over 400 Sikhs have been shifted safely to Hassan Abdal Gurdawara following their forced eviction from Buner by Taliban and security forces operation therein while the local administration has taken stringent security measures for their safety. They were reported to have been expelled from tribal areas for the refusal on their part to pay jizia and their houses were set ablaze. Ongoing operation against Taliban by the security forces had also caused massive shifting of the Sikhs from Buner and other tribal areas. The Property Trust Evacuee Board (PTEB) made extensive relief arrangements for the affected Sikhs. The Property Trust Evacuee Board (PTEB) Chairman Syed Asif Hashmi expressed solidarity with the affected Sikh families and held out assurance to them, saying full protection was being provided to all the minorities in Pakistan and they were living here with full freedom. People of Pakistan and Sikh community were tied into bonds of historical relationship which would not be allowed to get fragile in any way, he said. Every possible assistance would be extended to Sikh community in future in the country, he assured.