Time and again, attention of the authorities was drawn through media towards the need for constructing a double road in Chaklala Scheme III. But it has been of no avail. A two-way road starting from Chaklala Scheme III Graveyard up to Askari-I flats exists already. From then onwards, it turns into a single track that goes up to Askari-III apartments. The track is narrow and perilous for both motorists and pedestrians. The only reason a road has not been constructed here despite popular demand is that some retired officers have gobbled up sizable chunks of land in front of their bungalows in violation of the rules framed by GHQ Housing Directorate. They have also erected wired fences around the encroached land. Residents of the area are naturally agitated as to why the double road is not being built here, particularly when there is a lot of space available to meet the demand. Will the authorities concerned pay attention to the problem or are they waiting for some major traffic mishap with some loss of life to occur here? The risk of any untoward incident on the narrow single-track road is high as fast moving vehicles generally cross each other in a flash. -LT COL (Retd) GHAZIUDDIN, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, April 17.