The military on Saturday took control of the Ambela-Daggar link road pounding Taliban positions on the fifth consecutive day of its air and ground assault in Buner, report said. According to Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) spokesman, the security forces have cleared Ambela-Daggar link road after a successful operation and presently the forces removing landmines planted at the roadside while the Daggar-Mardan road have also been cleared from the militants. It said that three Afghan nationals among five militants have also been arrested from Kanjoo when they were planting landmines at roadside. In Khuwaza Khela, 12 army uniforms were recovered from a jeep during the snap checking, the statement said. Earlier, two security men were killed and three wounded in attack over a check post in Mohmand tribal region. In forces retaliatory action 16 militants were killed and several others were wounded.