LAHORE - The May Day was observed across the country including City to show complete solidarity with the martyrs of Chicago and to invigorate the struggle to protect labour class rights. Several labour unions, different political parties labour wings and many organisations took out rallies and organised various functions to commemorate the this day. The Labour Party Pakistan took out a rally that started from Lahore Press Club and ended at Faisal Chowk. The participants of the rally were holding placards and banners, carrying the slogans 'tribute to the martyrs of Chicago. The participants of the rally demanded the government to address grievances of labour class. They shouted slogans against the anti-labour policies of the government, including Industrial Relation Act- 2008 and low wages of workers. They totally opposed the policies of present government of Pakistan Peoples Party saying it was pursuing the agenda of privileged class and following the policies of General Musharraf. They demanded the end of privatisation, a minimum wage of Rs 12,000, end to discriminatory labour laws, unemployment allowance for all unemployed youth and reduction in military expenditures besides saying no to foreign debts. Farooq Tariq, leader of Labour Party Pakistan, while addressing the protesters said they knew how to draw the lessons from advanced movements for the change in society and from the socialist movement in Latin America, especially in Bolivia and Venezuela. He also appreciated the socialists movement. Wapda Hydroelectric Central Labour Union, Pakistan Workers Federation also took out a rally at Nisbat Road, in front of Bakhtiar Labour Hall. The speakers on the occasion demanded the government to harmonise Industrial Relation Ordinance, 2000 in accordance with the suggestions of Pakistans Workers Federation and certified international conventions. They also demanded to restore labour inspection system at provincial level and enhance the income of workers according to the prevailing price-hike situation in the country. Jamaat-e-Islami Labour Wing also held a rally near Mansoora. JI speakers addressed the rally and demanded that the government should increase the wages of workers and address problems of labour community. The PPP Labour Wing also held a rally from Railway Station to Lahore Press Club in the lead of Provincial Labour Minister Ashraf Sohana. Addressing the rally, the wing leaders said that workers minimum per month wage should be equal to the price of 12 grams gold. National Labour Federation took out the rally that addressed by its President Rafique Khan and JI leaders Ameerul Azeem and Siraj Ahmed. The Motorcycle Rickshaw Owners and Drivers Association also held a rally for their rights on The Mall, besides Khaksar Tehrik Pakistan also took out 'Khaksar Labourers Solidarity Rally from Nasir Bagh to Punjab Assembly building. The central procession was taken out from Bakhtiar Labour Hall, Nisbat Road, which was participated by other processions from all major industrial areas including Kot Lakhpat, Mughalpura, Raiwind, Sheikhupura, Shahdara etc. The speakers while addressing the protesters assembled at The Mall said that May Day is now being celebrated with a new upsurge in labour movement. They said that now demonstrations would be held across the country by various sectors of the working class against contract labour and privatisation. Working Women Organisation also observed May Day in the City. Organisation president Robina Jamil addressing the rally said that more and more workers were now coming together to form the new trade unions to speed up their struggle. She said that International Workers Day, is commemorated to project and acknowledge victories attained by the working class in their struggle to earn their due right. She said we should be proud workers stood in defiance against all forces conspiring to undermine their right to live with dignity. They said the 'May Day signifies the struggle for the realization of the dignity of the whole mankind. Yusuf Baloch, leader of National Trade Union Federation Pakistan while addressing its May Day rally said that the capitalist system was now in deep crisis.