KARACHI - Leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami, PML-N, JUP and JUI on Friday said that the ruling coalition itself was responsible for recent violence in Karachi but they were trying to find foreign hand in a bid to hide their failure. JI Naib Ameer Prof Ghafoor Ahmed, PML-Ns Sindh Vice President Saleem Zia, JUPs Vice President Siddique Rathore, JUI-F leader Aslam Ghauri and others spoke at a Press conference at JI Karachi office. To a query about the involvement of foreign agents in the violence, Prof Ghafoor said that foreign powers conspiracy only works when we were internally weak. He said that the government, which had failed to protect people, had no right to govern. Durable peace is not possible without arrest of the culprits involved in the killings of innocent people, he added. Ahmed said Karachi was the City of peace, love and sanity but ethnicity erupted like a jungle fire for the last few years. Referring to Thursday nights meeting with CM Sindh, he said that they told the CM Sindh that violence was failure of the government. Please pay attention to Karachis problems. It is not only a City but a mini Pakistan, he urged. He expressed surprise and concern that not a single terrorist involved in the killing of more than 36 innocent persons was arrested so far. Violence occurred despite imposition of Section 144 and in the presence of Rangers and police personnel. Saleem Zia, PML-Ns leader, ruled out the possibility of involvement of any third party in Karachi violence saying that government was itself involved in it. He said that Karachiites were saying that they want the return of peace to the City no matter if their areas remain undeveloped because those talked of development had failed to protect life and properties of Karachiites. Everybody knows who led Lyari and who were involved in ethnic violence in the metropolis, he added. JUP leader Siddique Rathore demanded that FIR of Karachi violence should be lodged against the government and judicial probe must be conducted. He said that government and public properties were being occupied. He asked the Sindh government to adopt a course of action like Punjab government to recover the occupied land from the custody of land grabbers.