Years ago I read a book written by a retired CIA official. Post retirement, the writer married a fellow retiree from the 'Agency'. Soon after his marriage, he noticed sudden disappearances of his wife on weekends. When the jealous husband secretly tailed his wife one weekend, he found her going to the CIA headquarter from where she emerged to go to the airport to fly off to an unknown destination. When he inquired from a senior friend working at CIA, he told him that some trustworthy former employees were taken in even after retirement to be 'programmed' at the CIA headquarter and sent on foreign missions. I wonder if the youth who are committing suicide bombing are also not being 'programmed' by some foreign agencies. In our country Pirs also have a lot of influence on their mureeds. I remember how years ago, a PIA driver doing protocol duty had killed a Romanian Foreign Minister because his Pir told him in a dream that if he killed a high-profile Christian, he would get a good place in heaven. I met this driver and he had no regrets about murdering this official. In fact, he was happy that he was going to heaven and getting a good place there. -COL (Retd) R.M. AKHTAR, Lahore, via e-mail, April 25.