For the first time in our history, our democratically elected government is taking on the world and looking at world leaders in the eye. President Zardari has rightly confronted the US leadership by asking what their pestering statements of 'do more' signify when our army and security forces have lost more men in one year than all the losses of NATO forces put together. What more is a nation supposed to do when our children in kindergartens are undergoing weekly drills to train them for terrorist attacks? General Kayani too has shunned the aspersions cast on the ISI and its alleged role in abetting the militants. The West must not forget that these militants are the same Jihadis whom the West nurtured, financed and fostered. They are now demanding their pound of flesh. The reason why we are losing to Taliban is our lack of trust in our leadership. The educated middle class must join hands with the civil and military leadership and stamp out terrorism and militancy which is threatening to sap all the values for which Jinnah fought. We must say no to these louts and thugs who are masquerading as the sole defenders of Islam. -OBAID KHAN, Lahore, May 1.