LAHORE - Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawwar Hassan has underscored the need of taking steps to check the US advancement towards Kahuta to get hold of Pakistans nuclear asset, whereon the national survival hinges. He also alleged that both the rulers and army had accepted America as their master. Addressing Juma congregation at Mansoora, the JI Ameer asked every one to stand by JI in its 'Go-America-Go campaign. Describing President Asif Ali Zardaris visit to the US as 'an assurance of his obedience, he said no matter how much the rulers tried to do sycophancy, Americans would not step back from their demand of 'do more. The time had come to say 'no-more to the White House, he added. Criticising Dir operation, he said it was a result of the US pressure. He said both President Barrack Obama and his army chief were unanimous in pointing to an imminent collapse of Pakistan. It coincided with the Americans on the one hand, were intimating Pakistans civil administration and prodding the masses to revolt against the rulers, while in the same breath they were eulogising the Pak army, he added. He said moreover the White House was asking to counter the threat of Taliban from within instead of India, which had imposed three wars on Pakistan. He also lamented repeated US campaign terming the civilian government as failed and praising the army for doing well as it had launched new operation in Dir and Buner. The JI leader alleged that the US favoured circumstances for the blood shedding of Muslims, which was the reason why Pakistan experiencing situation where people and the army men were being slaughtered on both sides. He was of the view that if the situation in Karachi situation went out of control, America would also force the government to send army to the financial hub of the country. Munawwar lambasted the army chief for saying that the operation in Dir had been kicked off on the pubic demand. In his opinion, people in Tamer Graha and other areas had demonstrated against the military action. He warned that the people of Dir being pressed hard by the operation would react in case no halt was insight. Focussing on America, Munawwar alleged the sole world power for blatant interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan and regretted that the government was not paying heed to counter the assault to please the US. He was of the view that Americans were forced to talk Taliban in Afghanistan after their 'daisy cutters had failed in ending their resistance, and same could happen in Pakistan but the rulers had forgotten dialogue and resorted to indiscriminate use of military might. He opined that the government had no justification to stay in power after failing to implementing the Swat deal and the resolution passed by the Parliament.