LAHORE - The Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) has planned to complete the projects of replacing and overhauling drainage and sewerage pipes at 30 different localities of the city before the start of coming monsoon. Wasa authorities believe that with the completion of these projects, the city would not be inundated by water despite heavy downpours. The total cost of the project stands at Rs 1 billion out of which around Rs 119 million are to be spent before the onset of monsoon. Under the project, all the drains spreading throughout the metropolis are planned to be repaired, replaced and de-silted. It will enhance water discharging capacity of disposal and pumping stations located at Mahmood Booti, Shadbagh, Chota Ravi, Shahdara, Babo Saboo and Satto Katla. With a view to streamline the drainage and sewerage system, outlived drains will be replaced, while encroachments occupying the drains are to be dismantled as well. Managing Director Wasa Javed Iqbal told The Nation on Friday that out of Rs one billion around Rs 119 million would be spent on the sewerage and drainage project before the onset of monsoon. We would try our level best to complete maximum work till the start of rainy season, he added. He said remaining projects regarding revised drainage and sewerage system would be completed later on. He said all the schemes to improve drainage and sewerage network were being executed by the Wasa officials, adding that the Planning and Development Department had approved the projects and issued administrative nod after final review. Sources in the Wasa informed this scribe that the department had identified 30 points needing new drains and sewerage pipes after a detailed survey of the metropolis including Main Boulevard Gulberg, GT Road, Salamatpura, Samanabad, Iqbal Town, The Mall, Bhati Chowk, Chungi Amer Sidhu, Ichhra, Kalma Chowk, Garden Town, Liberty, Gulberg, Garhi Shahu, Railway Station, Do Moria Pull, Mozang and others. They also said that with the commencement of the project, another project called Gastro Control Programme would also be executed, under which, rusty water pipelines would be replaced with new ones to ensure supply of clean drinking water to the Lahorites. Sources also talked about the anti-encroachment drive, saying that the agency had reinitiated the campaign on all its drains spreading throughout the city at Mahmood Booti, Shadbagh, Chota Ravi, Shahdara, Babo Saboo and Satto Katla. All the encroachments including markets, buildings and slums (katchi abadies) would be removed, they added. Due to these encroachments, the drains mostly remained chocked aggravating the situation during heavy rains. Therefore, the drive would be completed till June 30, sources added. On the other hand, officials concerned within CDGL fear that most of the illegal structures belong to influential persons and they might use their political clout to stop the campaign.