VIENNA: An Austrian doctor stuck acupuncture pins in a patient - and then locked up and went home after forgetting she was there. The doctor at the surgery at Wiener Neustadt was in the middle of treating patient Vivi Ziegler, 61, when he had a phone call. He was distracted by the call and then after it finished he had a question from an assistant - and then completely forgot about the patient covered in pins in the surgery. Ms Ziegler said: “I wasn’t worried as it was warm and relaxing and I fell asleep, but when I woke up it was dark and cold and I was only partially dressed.” When the woman called for help and realised that none was coming she managed to find her mobile phone and called police, who managed to rescue her through a window. But she said she wouldn’t be making a fuss about it with the doctor who would always perform well and had good results until now. When contacted by the police he apologised and promised to give the woman acupuncture treatment for life from now on - free of charge. –WO