swat - Supporters of ANP candidate for PK-80 Wajid Ali Khan on Wednesday threshed a shopkeeper at Mingora, Swat and as a result the shopkeeper got minor injuries.

According to Assistant Superitendent Police Ali, former provincial minister Wajid Ali Khan along with his supporters visited business centre of Mingora, Taj Chowk, where he appealed for vote during shop-to-shop and door-to-door campaign.

Meanwhile, a shopkeeper at Taj Chowk told him that he would cast his vote for Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) candidate Mohammad Amin, which infuriated the minister and started thrashing the shopkeeper.

The supporters of Wajid Ali khan also resorted to aerial firing on the occasion, which led shopkeepers to shutdown their shops. The elders of the valley deplored the incident and said that ECP should take note of the incident.