islamabad - It would again turn out to be a contest between the Chaurhdys and Rajgans in National Assembly constituency NA-52, a typical Potohar region constituency mainly comprising rural areas but also have a sizeable urban vote-bank as well.

The constituency mostly comprising the rural areas of Potohar region spreads over the northeastern and northwestern sides of Rawalpindi with 306853 registered voters mostly dominated by the rural population but also have a sizeable urban votes. Containing some five union councils of Kalar Sydian the constituency defuses into Chakri, the hometown of Ch. Nisar Ali Khan, in northwest with some 29 union councils of Potohar Town falling in the middle of these extremes.

As the constituency mostly comprises the rural areas the clans and Bradari politics is quite dominating with Rajgans, Chaudhrys, Janguas, Kiyanis and Gakhars some of the families, which really matter in this game of electoral politics.

Former leader of opposition in National Assembly and Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) central leader Ch. Nisar Ali Khan has an unbeaten track record from this constituency and the two elections held after it was carved out from NA-40 in the delimitation of the constituencies before 2002 elections were won with a thumping majority by Nisar.

In 2008 general elections Ch. Nisar Ali Khan had defeated Raja Nasir of PML-Q with a huge margin of over 40,000 votes and this time too he would be facing the Rajgan of Dahmial, another very influential family of the region, but this time Mohammad Basharat Raja, former advisor to Prime Minister, has landed in the arena instead of his younger brother Raja Nasir.

Contesting on the PML-Q ticket Mohammad Basharat Raja is having two Pakistan People's Party candidates on two provincial assembly constituencies -PP--5 & PP-6 - under this National Assembly constituency.

The alliance with PPP is considered as an advantage to PML-Q candidate Mohammad Basharat Raja as in 2008 elections the PPP candidate from this constituency Khurram Pervez Ashraf son of former Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf had bagged some 38,000 votes from this constituency and had finished third with Ch. Nisar Ali Khan won the elections with 97747 and Raja Nasir runners up with 54988 votes.

The contesting of a scion of Kokhars, Bilal Afzal Kokhar on PP-6 on PPP ticket, was considered as another plus point for Raja Basharat because of the influence Kokhars wield in the area.

In all some 15 candidates are contesting elections from NA-52 but the visit to the area and interaction with people showed that the real contest would be between the old rivals and though some other parties like Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf, Jamaat-I-Islam and Jamiat-I-Ulema-I-Islam are also in the arena but the chances of their candidates leaving some impact on the elections are minimal keeping in view the ethnic demography of the constituency.

A property tycoon who has interests in this constituency is also supporting the joint candidates of PML-Q and PPP from the area for his longstanding acrimony with PML-N Ch. Nisar Ali Khan over the land acquisition matters. Though he has no political clout in the area but he is in a position to leave some impact by spending lavishly on the campaigns of PPP-PML-Q joint candidates.

The infighting in Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) would also give some benefit to Mohammad Basharat Raja, especially the tiff between Ch. Nisar Ali Khan and another PML-N central leader Ch. Tanvir Khan, who has deep-rooted relations with the influential families inhabiting in the constituency.

It was due to the sharp differences between Ch. Nisar Ali Khan and Ch. Tanvir Khan that PML-N President Mian Nawaz Sharif has to keep PP-6 open because Ch. Nisar Ali Khan as well as the nephew of Ch. Tanvir Khan, Ch. Sarfraz Afzal, who was elected MPA from the area in 2008 were insisting to contest elections from this constituency.

Somehow, Mian Nawaz Sharif had succeeded in managing Ch. Tanvir Khan and his nephew to withdraw in favour of Ch. Nisar Ali Khan but the row was so deep-rooted that even after his withdrawal Ch. Nisar Ali Khan refused to contest elections on PML-N symbol from PP-6 and preferred to contest as an independent candidate.

Out of the four seats, Ch. Nisar is contesting, PP-6 is the one from where he is contesting as independent candidate while on rest of two national and another provincial assembly seat he is contesting on the party ticket.

Political observers said that due to absence of his nephew in contest from this constituency Ch. Tanvir and his family have lost interest in the elections and they would not actively take part in the campaign of PML-N from this area.

The lack of interest of Ch. Tanvir in the elections could be judged well from the fact and just a couple of weeks before the elections he had left for London, ostensibly in connection with the treatment of his ailing son.

Some of the insiders in the party said that Ch. Tanvir would not remain indifferent with the elections rather they would work against Ch. Nisar Ali Khan and would like to see him licking the dust in the elections at least from PP-6 as it would establish their importance in the eyes  On the other hand the supporters of Ch. Nisar Ali Khan said that he had done record development projects in the area and truly served the cause of the people of his constituents and that was the reason his popularity graph has increased and he would win the upcoming elections with great margin.

Another plus point of Ch. Nisar Ali Khan was his unflinching stand against the land mafia which was out to take over the ancestral land of the inhabitants of this Potohar region to develop housing societies. It was the singular efforts of Ch. Nisar Ali Khan that he had resisted the property tycoon to dictate his terms in these areas. But most of the political observers of the area are of the view that the party election campaigns will have little impact on the elections in this constituency as the people used to vote for the candidates on the basis of their personal relations instead of the party performances.