KARACHI  -  Awami National Party Sindh chief and Senator, Shahi Syed has said that handful of terrorists were ruining the peace of the country.

He said that the Taliban had targeted secular and liberal political parties by attacking their elections offices, killing a number of political activists who were busy in election activities.

He said that such attacks had restricted liberal parties from campaigning openly while other political parties are running their election campaigns freely in the City.

Syed stated this during a joint press conference along with leaders of Muttahida Quami Movement and Pakistan Peoples Party at the ANP’s Headquarters in Karachi on Wednesday.

He added that the Taliban have planned to eliminate three secular parties from the election processes to provide an open field to other parties that will lead them in the assemblies. “But our leadership has decided to continue its work to deal with the terrorism until the terrorists have been brought to justice and people also have to decide whether they are with Taliban or moderate and liberal forces of the Pakistan,” he said.

Addressing the press conference, MQM Deputy Convener Farooq Sattar said it was good gesture for the people of sindh, especially Karachi that the PPP, ANP and MQM were sitting together to formulate a strategy at the time when country was facing challenges.

Sattar added that if the political parities did not condemn the terrorism and gave passage to the pro-Taliban segment to hijack the election then the government formed after the election will produce the democratic failure in the country. He said that Election Commission of Pakistan and interim government had not shown serious concerns over the threats of Taliban to the three political parties by stopping them to carry out their election campaign freely. He said that other political segments were running their campaign freely as they had no threat from Taliban although they denied their connection with Taliban in the past.

He said that the LEAs stood silent on the situation and demanded that the all the institutions should play their role to fulfill their responsibilities for holding clear and transparent election.

He further stated that election activities had only been witnessed in Punjab and it seemed that election was talking place only there. Speaking on the occasion PPP’s Rehman Malik paid tributes to the political workers who lost lives by standing against pro-Taliban segments.

Malik urged that all political forces should unite against the Taliban as there aim is to destabilize the Pakistan and damaged the nuclear assets of the country.

Welcoming army chief’s current statement, he said that no one had condemned killing of the soldiers who are fighting against the terrorism. Bashir Jan, Jonah Buner, Raza Haroon, Dr Sagheer Ahmed Najmi Alam were also present on the occasion.