lahore - The long-hours loadshedding is increasing day by day despite the government claims that Rs45 billion have been issued to power sector for fuel arrangements.

On Wednesday, the city feeders of Lesco conducted 12 hours loadshedding with two to three hours consecutive cuts in some areas while rural limits of Lahore Electric Supply Company were under the grip of more than 12 hours shutdown.

Sources said the national grid was facing 4500MW shortfall, around 50 per cent of the available generation. The hydel and thermal power plants jointly produced 10,000MW for energy basket and around 600MW from it was given to the KESC- Karachi Electric Supply Company.

The Gepco, Fesco, IESCO and Mepco were conducting around 13 hours loadshedding while shutdown hours were touching average 12 hours in KPK and Balochistan. The loadshedding is comparatively low in interior Sindh and Karachi.