This is the first government in the history of Pakistan that has completed its five year term and now the caretaker government is ruling. Often times we have seen the same corrupt people returning to the local government as well as federal. Many parties are giving tickets to candidates they know will not do any good for the people or the location from where he is elected. The MNA elected previously from my area has not done any work to improve conditions here and yet he is standing for elections once again. He has no sense of shame, and the general public has no sense?

According to my observation, most people that I come across are talking of casting their vote in favour of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI). The stature of PTI is increasing in our area; most people have rejected the members of PPP. PML-N, it is true that both these parties have done nothing for our area. I hope PTI will work hard to save Pakistan and especially for the youth because PTI chairman has different thoughts and he has lot of enthusiasm regarding development of our country. Inshallah, one day our country will be on the road to success and be known as a developed country.


Lahore, April 25.