KARACHI  -  Allama Hassan Zafar Naqvi, central spokesman for Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen, has said that his party wants to make Pakistan a strong, viable and prosperous welfare state.

He said that the survival of the country was linked to freedom from the US and Taliban.

He was addressing the corner meetings in connection with the election campaigns of MWM’s electoral contestants from NA-257 Hassan Jafar Rizvi, from NA-258 Maulana Muhammad Ali Hussaini and from PS-127 Syed Hassan Abbas Rizvi here the other day.

The corner meetings were held in Malir Ice Depot, Hussainabad and other areas of Malir district. Models of the MWM’s electoral symbol were also installed at the venue. Allama Hassan Zafar said that Pakistani Shia Muslims are children of founding fathers of Pakistan and they always defended Pakistan and strived to keep it stable and integrated. He said that the U.S. trained terrorists made Pakistan a hell in the name of self-claimed jihad.

“The US-trained terrorists are involved in genocide of Shia Muslims and other innocent Pakistanis. They have brought nothing but anarchy and destruction in Pakistan,” he said.

Naqvi further said that the MWM represents the oppressed people of Pakistan who always remained victims of terrorism and powers of usurpation of legitimate rights of downtrodden people.

“We condemn terrorism in all its forms and we are participating in the elections for the first time so that people should have choice to vote for the anti-terrorism forces and their allies in the forthcoming elections,” he added. He asked people not to forget the fact that only two or three parties are running their election campaign and others are constant targets of the religious terrorists. He appealed to people to reject the allies of terrorists and extremists in the elections.