Islamabad - Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam chief Maulana Fazal Rahman, while responding to the Army Chief’s statement that the war against terrorism is our war, has remarked that it was the war of others and the wrong policies of the past rulers brought this home.

“Now we need to quickly get out of this war and the way out is not the use of force, but negotiations as suggested by the people of FATA through a Jirga and was unanimously endorsed by the country’s leadership,” Maulana Fazal Rahman in a statement.

He further said that the use of force did not produce the desired result as we have seen many operations in the last five years. He said that the national leadership should start work after May 11 elections and strengthen the jirga as per its decision of Feb 28 in the APC.

About pre poll rigging in FATA, Maulana Fazl ur Rahman said that polling stations have been established far away and voters will have to travel from 10 to 25 kilometers to cast votes.

He demanded that the old system of stations should be restored. He also said that ECP cites army directives as the reason for these changes so the army should clarify its position in this regard.