QUETTA - Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has assured the masses of halting military operation in Balochistan as well as other parts of the country if his party is voted to power.

Addressing public meetings in Loralai and Sibi districts of Balochistan on Wednesday, Imran said missing persons would be recovered and the series of recovery of mutilated dead bodies would also be stopped. He asked the audience to come out of their homes for the sake of a prosperous future.

The PTI chief regretted that the richest province of the country in terms of resources was backward and impoverished because of Sardars, Waderas and feudalists. “The people sitting in Islamabad always gave huge funds to Sardars, Waderas and feudalists and ignored the poor. These waderas devoured the funds instead of launching any welfare project for the people,” he said and asked the people to use their right to vote on the basis of ideology instead of sect and nationality. Imran Khan said he had come to Balochistan to emancipate the masses from the clutches of cruel Sardars and Wadears as his competition in Balochistan was not with lion, but with feudalists. “The Sardars and feudalists always misappropriated the money of the people and kept them underprivileged,” he remarked.

He said the only one way to get rid of usurpers was that the people should come out of their homes on May 11 without any fear and vote for PTI. If PTI was voted to power, it would introduce a new system and a local government system to shift powers to poor people. He added the secret of flourishing democracy in the western world was a strong local government system. He recalled when the British took control of India, there was a strong local government system under which the people used to get education, justice and basic facilities but as soon as that system ended, feudalism gained strength. “We want the people to get justice and their resources should be utilised for their welfare. PTI will make Balochistan the most prosperous province in the country,” Imran Khan pledged.

He said that like other parts of the country, PTI also issued tickets to youth and these young candidates would defeat Sardars and Nawabs.

He vowed PTI would end poverty and provide better education and health facilities for the people while water and unemployment issues would also be addressed. He said the missing persons would be recovered and the series of recovery of decomposed dead bodies would also be stopped. “The people should come out of their homes on the election day because this is a war of their future,” he said. Imran promised that if PTI was voted to power, he would not only end military operation in Balochistan but also in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other parts of the country. Tight security measures had been taken during his visit to avoid any untoward incident.

INP adds: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has said that Asif Ali Zardari has usurped the PPP and it has no more remained the party of Bhutto.

He stated this while addressing an election campaign gathering in Jacobabad on Wednesday.

Imran Khan said PPP is no more a party of Bhutto; it has now become Zardari party. He said Sindhi’s had to face the worst oppression in the country.

He said that the first and foremost priority of his government would be to bring a local bodies system across the country.

He called upon the people of Sindh not to waste this golden opportunity and reject the outdated system. The people of Sindh don’t need to be scared from big feudalists and land owners, he said.

He said that Zardari was running the government in the name of Bhutto. No MNA or MPA in PTI government would get development funds, he said, adding the people would be empowered at village level.

In a startling claim, Imran Khan has said that former prime minister Benazir Bhutto was not killed by the Taliban. In an interview with Daily Telegraph, the PTI chief said Bhutto had been ‘clearly killed by people worried she was going to come into power’. He did not say whether his claim was based on any concrete evidence that he was privy to.

Khan’s claim contradicts the investigations done by a UN commission as well as Britain’s Scotland Yard police.