ISLAMABAD - During the month of April 2014, security situation in the country increasingly became volatile in which upsurge in violent incidents in Balochistan played a major part followed by expiry of ceasefire deadline by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on 10th of April .
According to the Conflict Monitoring Centre (CMC) statistics, a total of 209 violent incidents related to anti-state militancy and counter-insurgency operations from security forces were reported in which 271 people were killed and 412 others injured. While security forces arrested 218 suspected militants, 54 were kidnapped by militants. There were 72 security forces operations in which 85 people were killed including 79 militants and six civilians while 36 people were injured including 12 security forces personnel, 20 militants and four civilians. As many as 218 suspected militants were arrested by the security forces.
Out of total 209 incidents, there were 137 militant activities across the country in which 186 people got killed and 376 others injured while 54 persons were kidnapped. As compared to the previous week, there was almost 19 per cent increase in militant activities, almost 41 per cent increase in casualties while almost 53 per cent increase in injuries.
Highest numbers of incidents were reported from Baluchistan where militants carried out 38 attacks in which 50 people were killed including two SFPs, seven militants and 41 civilians while 78 people were injured including five SFPs, one militant and 72 civilians. Sindh and KP witnessed 35 incidents each. In KP 35 militant attacks, 33 people were killed including 10 SFPs, eight militants and 15 civilians while 88 people were injured including 25 SFPs, one militant and 62 civilian. In FATA, 25 militant attacks were reported in which 58 people were killed including three SFPs, 4 Razakars, 48 militants and 3 civilians while 33 people were injured including 6 SFPs, 5 Razakars, 11 militants and 11 civilians. The only incident in Islamabad was the deadliest of all the incidents of the country, in which 24 people were killed and 115 others were injured in blast in fruit market. In three incidents in Punjab, no causality was reported.
On the other hand, security forces actions came down from 89 to 72 in April . Numbers of casualties in security forces actions went up as compared to that of the previous month as 85 people were killed (including 79 militants and six civilians) as compared to 17 in the previous month while 36 people were injured as compared to 10 in the previous month. Thus, a decrease of almost 19 per cent was witnessed in number of operations, however, number of casualties and injuries went up with a percentage of almost 400 per cent and 260 per cent, respectively. Security forces arrested 218 suspected militants as compared to 1078 in the previous month. Two suicide attacks, 53 bomb blasts, 28 physical militant assaults were also reported during the month. Armed clashes between rival groups of TTP in Waziristan claimed at least 49 lives in 8 reported incidents.