KARACHI - Cable Operators Association of Pakistan (CAP) chairman Khalid Arain while condemning the practice of Jang group in defaming Pakistan Army has said the Association stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the armed forces.
Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club, he said just after the assassination attack on journalist Hamid Mir, Geo TV remained active in airing negative propaganda against the Pak Army and ISI which was regrettable. He said association strongly condemned the attack on Hamid Mir and demanded judicial inquiry of the incident. “We will not support any channel which is responsible to harm the position of judiciary, national institutions including Pak Army and ISI,” he added.
He said airing the news and putting allegations on the ISI chief in haste and keep broadcasting it as breaking news is nothing else but enmity with the country.
He said Geo TV had adopted the attitude to defame the Pak Army and ISI on international level. “We cannot be part of this conspiracy which has been launched against the national institutions of the country,” he asserted.
He said the local cable dealers of various areas of the City had expressed their angry over the attitude of Geo TV. They have demanded from us to halt the transmission of Geo TV on immediate basis.
He clarified that the cable operators are not under pressure of any institution.
The issue of the tuning any channel was solely a matter of concerned cable operators . None of the channel has the authority to build up pressure in positioning their channel by numerical means.
Arain warned the Geo TV to stop hatching conspiracies against the armed forces and ISI or else the cable operators will boycott the channel.