LAHORE - The PPP’s central Punjab President, Mian Manzoor Wattoo on Friday said that the present government was on its feet largely due to the unequivocal support of former President Asif Ali Zardari.
“Otherwise, they have not spared any effort to create the situation that may lead to the derailment of democracy”, the PPP leader said in a statement.
He was of the view that the meeting of former President with the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif recently was an expression of total solidarity to democracy at a time when anti-democratic forces were ganging up to disrupt the system to pave the way for its rolling up. “But their meeting put the cold water on their designs”, he observed.  He argued that the present government’s leadership had proved their ironic inability to manage the crisis, no matter how small it might be. “It seems they have not learnt from the past mistakes and are determined to repeat it by rocking the boat again”, the PPP leader remarked.
Wattoo recalled that the former President accepted the election results of May 2013 only for the sake of the continuity of the democratic process in the country. It was an unprecedented support for the system by any measure, he added.
He said that PPP had disassociated itself from the forthcoming protest on May 11, 2014, by a few political parties only to eliminate the dangers to the political system that might be lurking in the shadow. He, however, made it clear that the PPP ‘s unwavering support for democracy was in line with Charter of Democracy and it would not lag behind in this regard come what may.
He viewed that it was the prime responsibility of the government to exercise restraint. “Egoism is alien to politics and must not be allowed to influence political thinking”, he added.
He reiterated his party’s resolve to continue working for the down- trodden people. Manzoor mentioned that he had announced Workers Welfare Fund in a convention on April 30, 2014 in Lahore with his own contribution amounting to Rs one million dedicated to the betterment of the workers.  “It will undoubtedly grow with the passage of time because a journey of thousand miles begins with first step. It is a first step”, he added.