ISLAMABAD - Downplaying his differences with Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), chief of his own faction of Jamiat-I-Ulema-I-Islam Moulana Fazlur Rehman has said that they would resist any attempt to destabilise democratic order in the country and would stand behind the Nawaz government.
Talking to media persons here on Thursday, Moulana Fazlur Rehman, who is also chairman of Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir, said, “We have different point of view on various issues with the government but would resist any attempt to derail the democracy in the country.”
Deflecting the row with government on ministerial portfolios, he said that when it comes to issues the ministries and their portfolios become secondary and in the past too they had preferred their principled stand on issues over ministries.
Commenting on the speech of Chief of Army Staff Gen. Raheel Sharif the other day, Faz welcomed his stand on Kashmir issue adding that overall his address on Youm-I-Shohada was balanced and positive.
Complaining about PML-N not taking the coalition partners on board while taking major decisions, he said that the government should not take their point of view as negation to the government policy but should consider it as an alternative.
When asked about the Jirga of tribal elders called by Jamaat-I-Islami, he dubbed it as a fake Jirga which did not have true representation of the FATA chieftains. However, he was quick to add that the Tribal Jirga meeting called by his party was having the true representation of all the tribes in FATA. “Had that platform used properly to broker peace in the restive areas, the things would have been different now,” he remarked.
To another question, he said that only sincerity and seriousness could lead the peace talks with militants a success adding that in his view use of force could not help resolve the imbroglio.
Without naming any country or power, he said that neither they are toeing any foreign agenda now they would let any one enforce it in the country.
Bitterly criticising Imran Khan for his dual standards and naïve politics, Moulana said that once he was stanch supporter of Taliban but now he was standing with establishment. Similarly earlier the former chief justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry was his hero but now the same Khan was seen speaking against him and his demeanour.
Without naming Imran Khan, he said that why the issue of rigging in four constituencies is being raised and why the rigging of whole of the elections was ignored. Why the issue of those behind doing all this rigging was not raised, which had virtually incapacitated the Election Commission of Pakistan during the elections.
To a question about the performance of the incumbent government, he said so far the claims of good governance seemed hollow and stressed that the government must take its coalition partners into confidence while making big decisions.