Rawalpindi- Non-functional traffic signals are causing worst traffic jams in Rawalpindi.
Most traffic signals in the city are out of order and causing worst traffic jams on various roads , including Benazir Bhutto Road, Saidpur Road, City Saddar Road, Dhoke Hassu Road, Kashmiri Bazaar, Gawalmandi Road, GTS Chowk, Tipu Road, Bhabra Bazaar, China Market, College Road, Iqbal Road, Ganjmandi Road, Bagh Sardaran Road, Chah Sultan Road, Dingi Khoi Road, Pirwadhai Road, Satellite Town Road, Airport Road, Mall Road, Bank Road, Chungi No. 22 Road, Adiala Road and Waris Khan Road. Most roads were without traffic wardens and wherever they were present they seemed helpless in controlling the traffic mess. The citizens have urged the concerned authorities to take solid steps to avoid traffic jams .