ISLAMABAD - As the killing of al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden completes three years today, it is learnt that a key report of the investigation body had raised serious doubts about the US claim regarding the disposal of his dead body.
The high-powered Abbottabad Inquiry Commission, which investigated the facts under supervision of Justice (r) Javed Iqbal, differed with the US claims over the disposal of Osama’s dead body on technical grounds.
A member of the commission, requesting anonymity, has disclosed to The Nation that though the commission endorsed almost all the claims of US authorities about the May 2, 2011 saga of OBL killing , it had expressed serious doubts in its report about the disposal of his body at sea at an unknown location.
The member said that the latest technology available with the US required at least eight hours for a DNA report. In Europe, it takes a minimum of 24 hours and in Pakistan a minimum of 72 hours.
According to the facts, American naval seals completed operation at 1:06am and the last helicopter left Pakistani territory at 2:16am. After that the copters travelled to reach their destination in Afghanistan while American President Obama announced the death of Qaeda chief at 8:36am (Pakistani time), so it is neither possible that DNA report could be taken within this limited time period nor could the body of Osama be thrown to the sea without verification through DNA test.
According to the member, the commission noted this fact and thoroughly checked the sequence of events, and found that the time of OBL death and announcement made by US President Barack Obama was a hurried move. The Commission summoned the PAF officials concerned to check the claim of US officials. The PAF confirmed the movement of US C130 through Pakistani airspace which US authorities claimed was used to transport the OBL body to the Arabian Sea. But the time of C-130 movement was less than 8 hours from the death of OBL .
The commission doubted in its report that the US claim of disposal of OBL’s body was ambiguous as it did not match with the facts. However, the commission endorsed that OBL was killed in May 2 operation of US Naval Seals. The blood samples of OBL matched with his family members who were living with him in the compound at the time of his death.
The OBL commission wondered how the American President could make a highly significant announcement without waiting for the result of the DNA test. The American claim can only be correct if they have any technology of doing DNA test in less than eight hours, which may not be known to the world as yet.
General Lloyd calls on COAS
General Lloyd J. Austin, Commander United States Central Command called on Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif at General Headquarters on Thursday. 
During the meeting, the two discussed matters of bilateral professional interest and regional security.
The visit of the American commander is taking place amid important developments in the region including after the first phase of Afghan Presidential Elections and a deadlock situation in the peace talks with the Taliban in Pakistan.
The US also seeks Pakistan’s help in the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan as its land route is a key for heavy machinery and defence equipment.
According to sources, the main NATO supply route of Torkham related issues discussed in the meeting.