PTI has done a great job in its first few months, considering its infancy in forming a government. Only a few of their appointed Ministers have been charged with corruption and the party has already taken strict action against them. Compared to the previous government of Mr 10% and so many other scandals, I believe PTI is doing an excellent job of stopping corruption in KPK. PTI has severed ties with the Qaumi Awami Party (QWP) over its massive corruption in forestry sale. Their quick efforts have changed the working of the lower staff in all government organizations. For example, when an inspector was offered a bribe for issuing a routine license, the officer refused saying “Don’t you know PTI is in Government?” And gave him the license without asking for a bribe, what a healthy change!

PTI’s efforts to end corruption are evident from their quick actions but it would require their consistent actions over the years to fully end corruption in KPK. Corruption is a difficult disease to weed out, partly because of illiteracy and mostly because of weak Judicial system in the country. As it is a Judicial System’s responsibility to resolve all conflicts and also to translate current laws into judgments. Since most people accused of corrupt practices get ‘stay order’ against any action against them, through the local and higher courts. Therefore the Government created special ‘Anti Corruption Laws and Courts’. But even then it has been difficult to catch anyone for corruption, unless you can find a witness to the crime, since paper trails are not easy to find for corruption and especially in Pakistan.

In a perfect world, the judicial system would have been quick to stop any illegal actions being taken or the giving and taking of bribes would have been nipped in the bud. The local Government organizations would also have had their own in-house complaint processes. Many things need to change to get to this perfect world described above. But at least the current PTI government is making some positive efforts to end corruption, compared to all previous governments that made extra effort to increase corruption in KPK. I for one am impressed with PTI’s effort and would like to encourage them to continue these efforts, so that one day, our province and our nation are corruption free.


Peshawar, April 28.