MQM’s chief Altaf Hussain’s recent harangue against the Pakistan Army, in reaction to confessional statements of some terrorists allegedly operating in compliance with the MQM leadership in London and Karachi, is utterly unacceptable. Reservations have been held about the MQM ever since it came into being about its misdeeds with reference to extortion, black mailing, land grabbing and other criminal activities through its mafia wings. Political parties are supposed to have a completely different set of values and nomenclature, which the MQM defies by dividing its organization into mafia-like units and sectors.

It is obvious that Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies are implementing the National Action Plan in an impartial manner. It is the duty and the need of the time that every Pakistani supports them without any personal political agendas. If any political party had other vested interests, these were bound to be exposed. The MQM is stuck in the awkward position of being tested inside Pakistan, as well as outside the country, where it is facing cases of money laundering and attempts to murder. In this backdrop, the MQM’s leadership, instead of supporting the institution that is valiantly performing a national duty in all parts of Pakistan, it is trying to malign and accuse it of partisanship. Will it dare to do it against those who are investigating its top leadership in the United Kingdom?

It has been a habit of Altaf Hussain and his cronies that whenever solid proofs are brought before the people of Pakistan of their criminal misdeeds and terrorist activities, they tend to threaten other political forces and the state by demanding the creation of a separate province. Ethnic Sindhi leadership has always been vouching for inclusivity, and been trying to convince the MQM of its acceptance of the muhajirs as Sindhis, but historically, the MQM has never been able to get out of its blackmailing mode, be it with political elements or the law enforcing agencies. It has ruled in coalitions with each and every political force since its inception but has never been able to serve the people it claims to represent. It is high time that MQM and Altaf Hussain understand that Pakistan armed forces and the people are united and committed to rid the country of all kinds of terrorism. It is hoped that comprehensive legal action will be taken against miscreants, extortionists and terrorists as stated by the ISPR and other law enforcement agencies.