Sir, with reference to the letter, ‘Crisis in agriculture’ in the Nation on Apr 20, Hashim Abro has given all the right reasons for the crisis in agriculture except the all-important chronic shortage of water for irrigation. I am amazed that a learned person like him should think that agriculture can flourish without water.

The last increase in water for agriculture made was 38 years ago when Tarbela dam was commissioned. Now that Bhasha dam has been put on the back burner and Dasu dam will not give us any water, Kalabagh dam is our only hope for survival.

KBD will not reduce flow in the Indus, dams increase supplies by storing flood waters, did not Tarbela dam increase supplies to Sindh by 7.0 million acre feet, with which Sindh was able to cultivate 17 lakh additional acres as per records in the Sindh irrigation department.

There is a need to tell the people that Punjab will not usurp Sindh’s share of water from KBD because the dam is located in Punjab, it is the federal body IRSA and not Punjab which oversees distribution of river waters and Sindh has three votes in IRSA (Sindh, Federal & Balochistan representatives) against one vote for Punjab.

It is for the wise ones of Sindh and the wise ones of the print and electronic media to apprise the people of the very serious gravity of the situation, otherwise we are all doomed as surely as I write this. Even the official version is that the impending water crisis will make us forget load shedding.


Lahore, April 20.