There is not any iota of doubt that the education sector of Sindh is bleeding. Cheating in exams is eating away very roots of education. It is a familiar fact that thousands of ghost schools exist in Sindh. These are premises or structures set aside for education which have over the years, been converted into cattle pens or guest rooms by landlords. The situation is so bad that according to official figures, around 5,600 such ‘ghost’ schools exist in the province. Merit is battered and tattered in Sindh. Most students cheat fearlessly these days with the support of both the teachers and their parents. Being  a student of IBA (Institute of Business Administration) Sukkur, I have learnt the meaning of real education as IBA Sukkur is gaining fair amount of popularity in Sindh due to its vibrant ways of imparting education and becoming a world class university in the field of Management Sciences, IT, Engineering and Education. All the credit goes to Management and Administration of this extraordinary institute. Government institutes must learn from IBA Sukkur which has turned out to be a miracle in Sindh Province.


Sukkur, April 20.