The news that Rangers will be posted both inside and outside the polling booths is like bolting the stable door, after the horses have fled. ID cards on a mass scale have already been snatched from PTI workers to curtail their votes. What are the Rangers doing about that? On the morning of the voting, MQM activists will station themselves all over Karachi, to issue warnings to the scared voters as they leave their homes. This I have as testimony from my many nephews and nieces in Karachi. What will the Rangers do about this? If need be, some prominent member of PTI will meet with a fatal accident, which will be made to look like a daily occurrence or a street crime. What will the Rangers do about this? What I can’t understand is, if MQM has a large ethnic following in Karachi, which it appears to have, where is the need to use such strong arm tactics, bordering on the murderous, to keep the other contestants at bay? There is something not quite right in the ‘State of Denmark.’


Lahore, April 10.