The debate on social media

The Serious

Snober Alan Abbasi @snobers

I dislike MQM but I think not all we see on TV is true.PK's democratic country & MQM has right to exist.SC need to investiage #MQMAsliChehra

Adeel Raja عدیل@AAJ140

#MQMAsliChehra Speech like yesterday by AH shall encourage& make an uncontrollable mutiny inevitable within the party at any time in future

The Angry

eimranOvic A.k @H2Owaladance

Altaf s enjoyed good relations with 'political generals' but the problem is tht Current COAS is non-political. #MQMAsliChehra

Shoaib Akhtar@ShoaibAkhtar42  

If MQM still call themselves Mohajir.... they should go back to their country, India!! #mqmaslichehra