At present the gravest problem that Pakistan facing is terrorism. It has become a headache for the Pakistani people. This critical situation caused by the several factors. These faction include social, political, economical, religious and also external hand or international conspiracies. Illiteracy rate is the root causes of extremism and terrorism.

How is that these terrorists are using the Pakistani territory at will, and why did we allow them so much time to infect our nation like cancer? Most Pakistanis are peace loving citizens that abhor the terrorists and their tactics, but that will never be the loudest voice if we do not stand up and unite!

Being a Muslim country our religion defines the relation of Muslims with others are based on peace, mutual respect and trust. The theme of our Religion, Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and our holy book Quran is “peace”. I would like to draw the attention towards the concerned authorities to please try to control terrorism and help Pakistan move towards peace.

MARYAM SAEED,Islamabad, March 26.