Self styled Rustam-i-Zaman MQM Chairman Altaf Hussain is on record for having said that he had done a job which was not done even by Rustam-i-Zaman in preventive the construction of KBD by prevailing upon then C.O.A.S. Pervez Musharraf who had campaigned for the dam for two years.

Now what is the stand of neo Rustam-i-Zaman when he is accused of raising funds from Indian RAW which is the height of a traitor. Pakistan has been deprived of the benefits of KBD by Herculean efforts of anti national forces at the behest of India so as to land us in a precarious situation of high cost of power and unsustainable industry along with mass unemployment and economic disaster.

We have been prevented from using our historic hydel resources for water and power development by a super-conspiracy which is now confirmed by involvements of a political party or parties in causing deliberate delay in use of our hydel potential to full capacity. India has built 4000 mega dams while we are supported by only two mega dams i.e. Tarbela and Mangla which were initiated or built F.M. Auyb Khan against the opposition of Sindh. Unfortunately no ruler has stood against anti national parties so far with the result that we have been pushed to a precipice at present.