ISLAMABAD -  The Pakistan Army has decided to gift weapons and ammunition recovered from terrorists during ongoing operation Raddul Fasaad to the police, Rangers and the Levies.

According to security sources more than 4,000 arms of various types as well as ammunition have been recovered since launch of Raddul Fasaad in February this year. Sharing details of the arms and ammunition recovered during the operations from various parts of the country as many as 1,088 arms have been recovered from the terrorists during operations in Punjab and 121,090 rounds of ammunition have been recovered from the same province.

Likewise, 165 arms have been recovered in various parts of Sindh as well as 8,324 rounds of ammunitions. 

As many as 1,231 arms and 10,402 rounds of ammunition were recovered from Balochistan during the various operations. The largest cache of arms and ammunitions have been recovered from KP and the adjoining the Fata region, sources said and ,added, that as many as 599 arms of various types have been recovered, while the security forces also recovered 482,375 rounds of ammunition.

Sources further said that those arms and ammunition would be given to the police and other law enforcement agencies including the Rangers and the Levies.

“These arms and ammunition recovered during various operations are properly being recorded and marked to ensure that none of these arms and ammunition is misappropriated or misused,” a senior security official said on condition of anonymity.

Pakistan Army launched a major operation Raddul Fasaad in February after series of terrorist attacks across the country in which more than 100 innocent citizens including men, women and children were killed.

The security forces have so far carried out a number of major operations as well as Intelligence Based Operations (IBOs) and killed more than 100 terrorists, while more than 4,000 terror suspects have been arrested during these operations.





Maqbool Malik