The survival of the Muslim minority in India takes another hit as more and more mob attacks on Muslims are reported. At least 11 Maharashtra Navnirman Sena workers were arrested on Sunday for burning a store that sold Pakistani fabrics in Mumbai. In Assam two Muslim men were lynched by a mob, which accused them of trying to steal cows for slaughter. At least 10 Muslims had been killed over the issue since May 2015.

The rise of the Hindu right is wreaking havoc in India, and even if not constitutionally, socially and politically the country is no more a secular state. It is as it was feared by Muslims before 1947- India would become a hard place to live in as a minority. While Pakistan as an Islamic state can make rooms for minorities, compulsory as a theocratic requirement, the philosophy of Hinduvta sees Muslims as an unwanted scourge in the region of the subcontinent, only the land of the religions that took birth in the region. The philosophy also has the ultimate aim of a united India, as the separation of Pakistan and Bangladesh is seen as a tearing apart of the “Fatherland”. The end of right wing Hinduvta is total war in the region, and if allow to flourish, these incidents will cause larger riots. The BJP does not care, and the Hindu populace is distracted by the BJP’s promise of economic growth.

The lesson to learn here in Pakistan is to be better, and to do better by our minorities. Ahmadis fleeing the country, Shias being shot and Christians being accused of blasphemy, give us no moral high ground to stand on to criticise India. On Sunday, a Hindu temple in Sindh was vandalised a case of blasphemy and terrorism was registered against three unidentified persons. Our Hindu population if often from a lower socio-economic background. Poverty is already a problem enough, but to compound it with religious persecution is unforgivable. If we see India as the enemy, as an example of what we did not want to become after 1947, we must protect our citizens, regardless of caste and creed.