So what do we have here, a Prime Minister who has been deemed to be a “liar” by all the judges, though pouched in slightly softer language, but no less than a ‘liar’. His minions step out of the Supreme Court performing Bhangras in the hope that their crooked leader would be happy to see them putting on a show for him. The short order by Asif Saeed Khosa states that Nawaz Sharif “is no more Sadiq or Amin for concealing his assets and misleading statements, that he has conjured up various unacceptable and far from truth tales, and information given by his lawyers was baseless and untruthful.

For the Patwari clan of the ‘N’ league, it is time to perform more Bhangras. Two out of five Judges say he should be debarred forthwith and three say, that while they know that he has lied and been less than forthcoming with details of his assets and how he acquired the massive wealth, they gave him another 60 days to be more honest and give the details of his ill-gotten wealth. On the mark, lets go again, time to shake the floor with your thumping footsteps right out of a Sultan Rahi movie.

Ah, Sultan Rahi, reminds one of the Patwari League movie idol, none other than the Law Minister of Panjab Rana Sanaullah, him of the Model Town Massacre fame. He has declared the Judges of the Supreme Court not worthy of their offices and their findings against Nawaz not correct. If one was to believe him and his provincial master, the Chief Minister of Punjab, there has never been anyone more honest and straight forward than Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (Rana jee, straight as a Jaleebee). The Patwaris like their Jaleebees and Ladoos too, except once they actually read some parts of the decision of the Supreme Court, though no one expects them to read the whole 547 pages, they will all be headed to the local Hakim for medicine to cure the “marrors”.

Lest we forget, there are those of the same breed in Islamabad, namely Daniel Aziz, Dhammal Chaudhry, Afeerdeen Abbassi etcetera etcetra… all vying to save their own skins by propagating the honesty of their leader, as in his survival lies theirs. Some are wishing to be finally given a Ministership (read Daniyal), and some are impressing the directors at Kohinoor Studios for their ability to deliver dialogues. Truth of these outbursts is never the aim- they use loudness to provide cover for their selfish egos and ambitions. As the week has progressed, with each shining day, the followers of Nawaz have begun to realise that the Supreme Court has actually laid bare the dishonesty, loot and plunder of their leader. That he has deprived the poor and middle class of this nation from the most basic of necessities, as he was too busy with other members of his family looting the exchequer of this country to its bare bones. They are reeling from this decision but as they are all in it themselves, thus the band of brothers is sticking around, but only till the time that they see the lightening rod of justice about to be unleashed.

One may question of the wisdom of the three judges to give Nawaz an “injury time” of 60 days to come forth with the truth knowing very well that there is none. Injured he is, Nawaz has been slashed all across his body with razor sharp slashes in the comments of the judges. Each one of these three judges have in their opinions repeatedly stated that Nawaz has not been truthful and that his lawyers never produced an iota of proof of his wealth and its acquisition. That he has not only misled the judges but also the whole nation through his three speeches. His statements have been contradictory and absolutely baseless. So, the formation of a JIT to investigate the matter further and report back to the SC within 60 days with its findings.

It is a given that Nawaz has no proof of his wealth as it is all ill-gotten. Not a penny was derived through an honest day’s work but compiled through bribes and kickbacks. But we wait, yet again for the next 60 days for the final verdict. In the meantime the nation continues to suffer, the loot continues unabated, laws and findings of various commissions being torn and thrown in the waste paper basket, but we wait. A nation of Lambs being led to the slaughter, yet silent. Has one ever come across a sacrificial animal being led to slaughter who has not made full throated pleas to be spared or not fought to get away from the grasp of their executioner? But we, as a nation are in some kind of drunken stupor and remain silent.

As if the slashes from the SC judgement in the Panama case were not enough, Nawaz is reeling from the backlash coming from all directions over the purported absolving of his erstwhile daughter in the Dawn Leaks scandal. Nary a person with knowledge of the affair, doubts the fact that Maryam was the instigator behind the article, on the wishes and directions of her father. Efforts to have Fatmi and Rao Tahseen take the fall have fallen flat as both have stood up to challenge this. Fatmi, a life long Foreign Officer and a silent yet competent employee of the Information Department of over thirty years, did not put in all these years of service to labelled and condemned as traitor.

So Nawaz struggles and thrashes left right and centre, grasping for a straw like a drowning man, but none to find. Any attempt to belittle the seriousness of the Dawn Leak shall be met with resolute disdain by the army. These men and women of our armed forces have shed their blood for the safety of the country, they protect us from those within and without each and every day and to make a mockery of them and belittling their charter and their services to the nation, will never be accepted by them or the nation at large.

Nawaz is doomed to becoming the pariah of this nation and so is his extended family. Him and his enforcer of a younger brother, Shabaz, have led the Mafia House of Jati Umrah to its ultimate doom. That the ‘Godfather’ wears no clothes becomes the new euphemism. Let it not be said that while Rome burned down, the lambs were silent. Rise and raise your voices from the rooftops, in the streets and hotels, schools and hospitals, everywhere there is a soul to hear you, shout, shout at the top of your lungs, to be heard loud and clear, that ‘Go Nawaz Go’ is just not a slogan but a movement.