Pakistan has a low literacy rate despite the efforts made by the government. Low literacy is a major problem in Pakistan and it can be seen in every corner in this country. Over year’s public school system have failed in providing education for all. Many people are illiterate and this problem passes from generation to generation.

Failure of public schools has created a space for private schools to fill up this gap. Private schools lack many things but the biggest of all is that they hire untrained teachers who are not able to teach properly. Most of these young teachers at the private school are not taking their profession seriously. Not many can deliver the concept of education or why it is important. With all respect, these are mostly female teachers who have not planned to teach as a career and are going to get settled into their practical life soon. For them, teaching at private school is just to pass time without making any professional commitment. Low salary to teachers by private schools’ management is also partially to blame for this situation. Unfortunately, this leaves a negative effect on the young students.

Teachers play a vital role in a child academic development. However, this continuous challenge of teachers at school will make learning process difficult and will make students fall into a never-ending abyss. I believe teachers should be more responsible professional as they are liable for bringing up a new generation.


Lahore, April 2.